Almazservice provides services in diamond cutting, manufacturing of holes and apertures in concrete during repair, construction or redevelopment of residential and office premises.

Almazservice specialists are highly qualified and equipped to perform diamond cutting during repair, construction or re-planning of residential and office premises, including manufacturing of openings for windows, doors, interior partitions, arches, as well as through passageways and technical niches.
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1. Wall Cutting

Cutting the surface of concrete, brickwork, stone, reinforced concrete is represented by a special technological process which guarantees fast creation of a hole without noise, dust. Masters of the company will prepare window, door, as well as other types of openings with jewelry accuracy.


This type of procedure is used to prepare the surface for the installation of ventilation, wiring, air conditioning, water pipes and distribution boards. For correct achievement of the set tasks our masters use exclusively qualitative professional equipment which is chosen for all objects individually. Our masters comply with all norms, standards for the treatment of hard surfaces, supporting structures.

Examples of work

2. Diamond strobing

Screening - a procedure that is often performed during the repair of a private apartment or country house, industrial, commercial or manufacturing facility. This technological process is represented by the creation of small channels or excavations on the walls, which are used for laying the communication. This service is often ordered for an object where it is important to create additional space for electrical outlets for household appliances.


Cutting the surface of concrete, brickwork, stone, reinforced concrete is represented by a special technological process which guarantees fast creation of a hole without noise, dust. The masters of the company will prepare window, door, as well as other types of openings with jewelry accuracy. To create a hole specialists use professional equipment that can withstand heavy loads. Cutting walls from different strong, solid material is carried out as quickly as possible, almost silent. The minimum amount of dust is guaranteed by the principles of the tools that are used by craftsmen to create openings. The equipment does not overheat due to the use of water, which also prevents the spread of dust. The creation of holes in structures with small thicknesses is carried out by dry technology. Qualified personnel of Rus Diamond use tools that do not create strong vibrations. This ensures that there are no deformations, chips or cracks. Professional installations allow building owners to get apertures of correct dimensions, with cuts that do not need to be processed additionally.

3. Slab cutting

The need for the service of modification of the floor in the residential, non-residential premises arises often, for example, during the redevelopment, creation of stairways, as well as other types of structures of non-standard shapes or sizes. The optimal way to process concrete or monolithic slabs is with diamond technology. It is important to trust qualified craftsmen to ensure that the holes are 100% accurate.


Technology for processing concrete walls in residential as well as non-residential premises implies the use of a saw or a machine equipped with a special machine, a crown. This equipment performs a hole of the required size and shape and is completely safe for the master, as fastening is performed by anchors. Cutting of monolithic slabs is based on the correct choice of tools, as well as methods of surface treatment. The masters of the company use dry machining on objects where there is a possibility of collision with electrical wiring, communication. This technique is accompanied by a number of mandatory factors, such as the need for cleaning, airing the room after the treatment, regular stoppage of the procedure. The masters of Almazservis also cut monolithic slabs "wet" method. For this purpose, tools are used which are equipped with an additional cooler, humidifier. Installations do not overheat, and also minimize the amount of dust, debris.

4. Reinforced Concrete Cutting

Processing of reinforced concrete structures is often encountered in the process of large construction, which can be performed for an individual or legal entity. Today, cutting reinforced concrete structures is also required for smaller construction projects. In any case, the processing of reinforced concrete surfaces is important to trust skilled craftsmen who use profile equipment, adhere to the correct technology.


5. Cutting openings

Creation of doorways - a procedure that is carried out in private residential apartments during redevelopment, as well as on industrial, commercial facilities. Correct achievement of the set tasks is guaranteed when using the technique of diamond cutting, which is important to trust exclusively skilled craftsmen.


6. Reinforcement of openings

Reinforcement of doorways is carried out by qualified masters on objects of any purpose, for example, in private apartments or country houses, industrial, commercial and industrial premises. To carry out works on strengthening of a design in walls from concrete, a brick, ferro-concrete and other material it is important to trust exclusively experts who have practical experience.


7. Opening of openings

Expansion of openings for windows or doors in concrete, brick, reinforced concrete walls may be required during repair, redevelopment. The procedure is carried out in residential, non-residential facilities only after approval of the plan in bureau for registration and technical inventory. Sometimes such modification is carried out without prior permission, but it is necessarily trusted to qualified craftsmen. Specialists use professional equipment, as well as correct technology, which guarantees the absence of trouble.


8. Floor aperture

Openings in the ceiling of the building of any purpose can not be performed without profile installations, craftsmen. Exclusively specialists with experience guarantee safe, effective achievement of the set goals. Our company carries out work just in time, while ensuring that the slab is not deformed or collapsed.


9. Wet drilling

Drilling holes in concrete, reinforced concrete structures with water continues to be an actual, effective way to perform many construction tasks. For example, to lay the communication, install ventilation or air conditioning system. It is important to entrust the work on walls and slabs made of durable materials exclusively to qualified craftsmen from proven organizations.


10. Dry drilling

Diamond drilling continues to be an actual method of creating a hole in surfaces made of durable material. The dry method is used for processing walls made of concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, brickwork or monolithic slabs. Holes in concrete structures are created exclusively by qualified craftsmen who use professional equipment.


11. Ceiling drilling

The need to create holes in the ceiling structure appears during repairs in residential apartments or houses, as well as industrial, commercial premises. Such work is important to trust qualified craftsmen who use professional installations, equipment. Specialists of Almazservice choose the technique of diamond drilling individually for all objects.

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12. Foundation drilling

Foundation drilling may be required for various reasons. For example, for the installation of sewerage, pipe laying or other types of communication. It is important to trust the work of making holes in the base of a residential, non-residential building only to qualified craftsmen who use professional installations, choose the correct drilling or drilling techniques.


13. Dismantling of sill unit

Thanks to the diamond cutting of the wall you can add useful area to the apartment. Most often you can get an additional 1.5 square meters, but sometimes even more. Particularly relevant are these changes in smaller apartments. Each house has certain features of its construction, and changes in it can cause serious trouble. For example, at the entrance to the balcony is a high threshold, which must be removed. It is not always allowed to carry out this procedure. If the house is monolithic, there will be no problems. If the building is prefabricated, the threshold can even hold an entire balcony slab.


14. Dismantling of a sanitary cabinets

In Soviet times, the main emphasis was on the speed of building houses. Plumbing cabins were used to reduce the construction time of multi-storey houses. These are large boxes with washbasins, toilets and baths already installed in them. With the use of plumbing cabins builders no longer need to carry plumbing to the apartments and lose time for its installation. Such boxes were simply delivered to the construction site by special equipment and lifted to the bathrooms by crane. Plumbing cabins were manufactured until 1998 from asbestos cement, for example, in the form of aceid boards. Later, reinforced plaster concrete was used to assemble such boxes. The bases for cabins were poured with cement mortar.

Precision of holes and kerfs
up to 0.018%
Specifies the maximum error when the crown is operated

15. Dismantling of a sanitary cabinets

To change the appearance of the room or to increase the area, the supporting wall is dismantled. A permit must be obtained before work can begin. The project for the dismantling of the load-bearing wall can be ordered from any design organization with the subsequent approval of the housing inspection. When changing the design of the load-bearing wall, it is necessary to install a reinforcement to maintain the spatial rigidity of the structure. Carrier walls "hold" the weight of the above walls and slabs and redistribute the load on the foundation. Easy removal of the load-bearing wall may cause the walls and ceilings to crack, up to the collapse of the floor or even the whole building. Only experienced specialists with professional tools should dismantle load-bearing walls.


16. Dismantling of slabs

Dismantling slabs is a very complicated and dangerous process. After all, this construction is the basis for the second level walls or attic. As a rule, it is made of durable building material. Therefore, this work should be well prepared, to attract experienced professionals. It is also necessary to use special equipment: cranes, hydraulic cushions, electric diamond-cutters, jack, pneumatic devices.

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