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The iconic brand that laid the foundations of the grass-roots lomography movement

It is one of the oldest and largest Soviet optical mechanical engineering and production associations.

The brand name LOMO (Leningrad Optical Mechanical Association) is famous throughout the world. The mass production of the Fotokor N1, the first popular amateur camera in the USSR, started here in 1930.

LOMO has produced over the last 80 years:

40 million cameras
20 million
Smena-8M most popular
camera on the

The predecessor to LOMO, the Russian Joint Optical and Mechanical Factory, was opened in February 1914.

Products of LOMO
  • 1918

    the first domestic
    cinema projector

  • 1959

    the first Soviet
    video cassette recorder

  • 1965

    the first industrial
    laser in the USSR

  • 1976

    the world’s largest
    telescope at the time

Not everyone knows that lomography was the result of a defect in the Leningrad LOMO camera. While 2 Austrian students were travelling, they photographed Prague. Having printed their photos, they discovered that the camera had been knocked out of focus, but this produced a creative effect. In 1991, the Lomographic Society appeared in Vienna. At that time the demand for LOMO cameras had fallen, but it rose once again after a lomography exhibition came to Russia.


These days the whole world has been captivated
by lomography. The Lomographic Society
has more than 50 million members

The name Leningrad Optical Mechanical Association, known worldwide as LOMO, was assigned to the company in 1962. By the time of its inception, LOMO included other plants: KINAP (cinema equipment); Progress (military goods — sights, etc.); the Experimental Optical and Mechanical Plant (DIMP); and some others, each of which was a legend of the Soviet optical mechanical industry.

  • 3500 Employees
  • 150 Kinds of products
50% Exports to the United States, Canada, Germany,
Austria, Israel and other countries account
for approximately 50% of the company's sales.
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