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Medicine and pharmaceuticals


Uralets has developed a prototype of a system for predicting the loading of ambulance crews

A "single window" for registration of medical import-substituting developments will appear in Tomsk

Ural developers of bicycles for special children are ready to replace imports

Simulators for resuscitators cheaper than imported ones will be produced in Moscow

Medicines for the treatment of coronavirus began to be produced in Moscow

Doctors in Tatarstan have started to install domestic endoprostheses

A mobile radiotherapy complex will be developed in the Russian Federation based on a unique technology

Machinery and equipment


The Russian manufacturer will release facade systems from domestic raw materials

Dry building materials plant started operating in Makhachkala

The manufacturer of lids for dishes in the Urals intends to completely replace imported products

Gas grills from domestic components began to be produced in the Moscow region of Istra

Saratov Chemical Plant has increased the production of reagents

Production of cassette bearings will be launched in Chelyabinsk

Bearing manufacturers in the Russian Federation will satisfy the demand in the railway industry - Ministry of Industry and Trade