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Dietary supplements, cosmetics, high-tech production will become promising niches for import substitution

Kapsamun Viktor Viktorovich, co–owner of the UniProf Academy of Physicians, spoke about his vision of the way of import substitution in the country.



The expert spoke about a new method of cancer treatment in Russia

The head of the Ministry of Health of Russia Mikhail Murashko announced the development of new methods of cancer treatment in the Russian Federation. According to him, they will be available to patients in 2023.



Domestic is a stable quality. In Crimea, they told about the production of the first electric cars in the region

The Crimean company "Eltavr" presented an electric car of its own production in Moscow



How has the logistics of Russian metal processors changed

Transportation costs in the final price of goods in Russia amount to 20-45%, which creates significant problems for the formation of prefabricated transport packages from different production sites



Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East: Deputy Chairman of the Board of VEB.Daniil Algulyan spoke about promising areas of Russian exports

Prospects for the development of economic relations with Egypt, the amount of investment in the project of the Russian industrial zone in the Arab Republic and new markets for Russian exports



The Ministry of Health has registered a drug for the development of a severe complication with coronavirus

The instructions for the drug indicate that the drug is prescribed for moderate and severe course of the disease as part of complex therapy and can be used in the form of injections and inhalations