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Domestic is a stable quality. In Crimea, they told about the production of the first electric cars in the region

Domestic is a stable quality. In Crimea, they told about the production of the first electric cars in the region

The Crimean company "Eltavr" presented an electric car of its own production in Moscow.

"The manufacturer of electric vehicles "Eltavr" has extensive experience in the development, design and maintenance of electric vehicles, fiberglass bodies and metal structures, - the press service of the Government of the Russian Federation reported.

The electric car was developed at the expense of private investment with the participation of state subsidies. About 100 such cars are produced during the year.

It is noted that all serial components are of domestic production. The Prime Minister of the country Mikhail Mishustin appreciated the electric car produced by the Simferopol company and drew attention to the need for full localization of the production of Crimean electric vehicles.

"Today, about 100 such machines are produced per year. The level of their localization is 90%: all serial components are Russian-made, a domestic engine is installed, and batteries are assembled at enterprises within the country. The company is also engaged in the production of electric trucks and plans to enter public roads," the company said.

It is these electric cars that help deliver cargo and passengers' luggage to the ramp at Simferopol International Airport. Tagge cargo electric cars are used at the fashionable Crimean resort Mriya & Spa, to serve the needs of the "Wine Park". Tourist cars deliver excursions to famous places in the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

"The products of domestic production are of consistently high quality. And two more very important advantages. The first is an affordable price. The use of Russian–made components and the absence of the need for customs clearance of transport guarantee a low cost of electric vehicles; And the second is the convenience of service. There are no problems with finding the necessary spare parts and consumables. Even in the case of an individual order, deliveries are carried out as soon as possible," the company stressed.

They also added that now the main reason for the appearance of electric vehicles was the need to reduce the harmful effects on the environment. In such electric vehicles there are no exhaust and carbon monoxide at all. Also, the advantage of electric cars is a reduction in fuel costs, a reduction in noise and a longer engine life.

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