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Dietary supplements, cosmetics, high-tech production will become promising niches for import substitution

Dietary supplements, cosmetics, high-tech production will become promising niches for import substitution

Kapsamun Viktor Viktorovich, co–owner of the UniProf Academy of Physicians, spoke about his vision of the way of import substitution in the country.

Marketplace Owner and an expert in the field of crisis management, strategic planning, development and scaling of small businesses highly appreciated the potential of popularization of domestic goods.

"I believe that Russia has all the necessary resources so that the Made in Russia brand can be promoted with pride.

I see nutrition, health, dietary supplements, cosmetics, high-tech production, scientific developments, agricultural products as the most promising niches for import substitution.

I believe that the production of dietary supplements, cosmetics, and healthy lifestyle products deserve attention for the practice of import substitution. After all, there are many high-quality productions in Moscow and the Moscow region in Russia, amazing manufacturers and inventors in Altai and Novosibirsk.

Dietary supplements, cosmetics, products for a healthy lifestyle can have great potential in all friendly countries where products can be exported. This is due to the fact that we have a lot of scientists, inventors, technologists and a powerful scientific and production base. They just don't have enough funding. I am personally familiar with such - they have dozens of patents, and a maximum of 25% of the products they have invented are sold, the rest is lying and waiting for its time.

I think it is important to pay attention to the analysis of the market of dietary supplements, cosmetics, and healthy lifestyle products in the context of the ratio of the presence of foreign and Russian manufacturers on the market, which is necessary for discussing the issue of import substitution. There are a large number of measures to support producers by the state and a real number of producers who were able to use these measures in practice. It is important to consider real practical assistance to small businesses and our scientists and inventors.

Assistance in the development of a venture model of investing in business startups could work effectively in the modern reality of Russia. Also, real financing of Russian entrepreneurs and their ideas, popularization of entrepreneurship and assistance at the start.

From my recommendations, I can say that it is important to establish professional propaganda abroad. To say that working in Russia is prestigious, that being an entrepreneur is decent and easy in Russia. To engage in professional hunting of highly qualified personnel to our country. This is necessary in order for the areas where we are obviously failing to get back on their feet faster.

If we talk about forecasts for the future, then I see a growing trend in my field, provided that laws suppressing the industry are not passed.

A series of videos about real cases of Russian businesses with high-quality products and satisfied customers would help the "Made in Russia" program. A series of videos about how entrepreneurs are supported by the state and what real benefits it gives to end consumers. Organization of business breakfasts or informational support of existing events for entrepreneurs who help to get acquainted, establish partnerships and solve problems. For example, my business makes such business breakfasts once a quarter for manufacturers of health products and medical professionals. Dozens and hundreds of such programs can be developed, the only question is their actual implementation, and not for show.

I would like to see more pride, patriotism, real results and healthy, not cheap popularization in the "Made in Russia" field. We do it at our own level, as far as we have enough opportunities, but I would like to see it at higher levels."

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