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How has the logistics of Russian metal processors changed

How has the logistics of Russian metal processors changed

Transportation costs in the final price of goods in Russia amount to 20-45%, which creates significant problems for the formation of prefabricated transport packages from different production sites. The logistics of metalworking industries, among others, face these difficulties in the conditions of increased domestic demand for metal structures. This was told to the editorial board of "Made in Russia" in the press service of the company "Ventall".

According to the head of the logistics department of the enterprise Sergey Kotov, at the moment in Russia 90% of all shipments are accounted for by cars. Sea transportation accounts for another 8%, the railway - everything else.

"Since we do not have our own transport, we are looking for a hired one on the rights of a tender on the electronic platforms of transport companies and we see well that the market is changing. Although the cost of delivery within Russia has not increased by a multiple, as it happened with European destinations, it is not a constant and depends on many factors, including the time of year. And currently, inflationary processes are also exerting pressure on the price," Kotov said.

At the moment, the company ships more than 100 thousand tons of various metal structures per year. And this is not counting other products. As noted in the press service of the company, some of the products are oversized or require a special approach to packaging. The products are shipped from several holding sites in different regions of Russia, which makes the logistics issue one of the most urgent.

"We have many customers from the gas and oil industries. Consequently, the construction sites are located in hard—to—reach areas, which forces us to implement complex logistics supply chains: for example, auto delivery to the port, then by ferry, and then again by truck. In addition, we have to solve the issues of shipments to one customer from several of our factories, for this we form transport packages at one of the sites, which also requires high accuracy of route development," said Kotov.

The growth in demand for metal structures has become one of the drivers of the cargo transportation market. At the same time, the expert community in early March promised this segment a catastrophic drop — up to 40% in the horizon of two to three months. The reality turned out to be less scary: at the end of the first quarter, the total volume of traffic fell by only 0.6% compared to the same period last year, and auto and sea deliveries even increased by 0.5% and 9.5%, respectively. Such data is provided by the information and analytical agency SeaNews.

It should be noted that the Ventall group of companies is a leader in the production of metal structures for the construction of buildings and bridge structures, and also occupies one of the leading places in the production of sandwich panels and profiled sheets in Russia.

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