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Ural scientists have created a chip on a 3D printer to determine the level of cholesterol in the blood


Scientists of the Ural Federal University have come up with a sensor device that determines the level of cholesterol in the blood. According to the agency <url>, the chip was created on a 3D printer. The press service of the university says that it was decided to choose a non-biological analogue of the enzyme and reduce the cost and speed up the analysis for cholesterol.

"The advantage of the new chip is that it contains magnetic nanoparticles with polymers with molecular imprints that selectively absorb cholesterol. A small amount of blood is enough to measure cholesterol levels using a new device," the university clarifies.

It is reported that printing a chip on a three-dimensional printer makes the production of the device fast. The first tests of the chip were carried out on solutions simulating blood serum. In the near future, the devices will be tested on real blood.

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