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Admiralty shipyard

The company that transformed Russia into a great sea power

Admiralty Shipyard is one of the oldest shipbuilding companies in Russia, and the first industrial plant in St. Petersburg. Today it is the main production center of non-atomic submarines in Russia.

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    St. Petersburg
    was founded

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    of the shipyard

As conceived by Peter I, the shipyard constructions were meant to be a semblance of a fortress protecting Petersburg from invasion by sea and land.

300 years
2600 ships

More than 2,600 ships have
gone down the admiralty stocks
in just over three centuries.

Peasant Efim Nikonova’s ‘Secret Vessel’, the first Russian submarine, was built and tested at Admiralty Shipyard.

In 1719 a 29 year old illiterate peasant named Efim Prokopievich Nikonov filed a petition addressed to Peter I. In it Nikonov proposed that “he will make a vessel worthy for military action which will be able sink at least ten to twenty enemy ships on calm seas by means of a projectile, and construct a prototype of this vessel.” The same letter said that this vessel “will move through the water in secret”.

Tsar Peter saw extraordinary benefits in this invention for the state and took Nikonov in his office in person. Believing in the feasibility of the idea, the tsar ordered work on the project to start immediately and in secrecy. On January 31st of that year the Admiralty Board issued the decree: “Send Peasant Efim Nikonov to the office of Major General Golovin to have a model of the vessel made." Nikonov developed his submarine in the subsequent years. Unfortunately, his work did not pay off. Later on, studies continued under the authority of Catherine I.

were built In total in St. Petersburg during the life of Peter I
  • 23


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  • 200


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The legendary corvette Vityaz, which made a three-year trip round the world, and the cruiser Aurora, a symbol of St. Petersburg, were both built from the specs of the engineers of the Admiralty Shipyard. The Great Victory of 1945 would have hardly been possible without this company. During the Great Patriotic War the seamen of all four Soviet fleets fought the Petersburg masters’ ships - submarines, armored ships and Sea Hunters.


nuclear and diesel-
electric submarines

Over 300 nuclear and diesel-electric submarines, which is equivalent to 60 of Poland’s submarine fleets, have been built in the stocks of Admiralty Shipyard.

Today the area of the shipyards is 17 hectares, making it comparable to a housing development outside Moscow. The enterprise is working at full capacity as the shipyards are fulfilling a number of foreign and domestic contracts.
Admiralty Shipyard JSC is one of the largest industrial enterprises in St. Petersburg.

When the number of production staff is 0.4% of total employment in the city’s industry, the shipyard enable the creation of nearly 1% of the region’s GDP.


of the region’s

Peter I
Peter I
Sovereign, Tsar and Grand Duke of All Rus, the Emperor of Russia, founder of Admiralty Shipyard

Peter I was the last Tsar of All Rus of the Romanov dynasty (1682) and the first Emperor of Russia (1721).

Peter was the first of the Russian Tsars made an extended journey to Western Europe (1697-1698). Upon his return in 1698, Peter launched major reforms of the Russian state and the social order.

Peter I paid special attention to the development of the Russian fleet and established the Baltic Fleet. Peter made great strides in expanding Russia. The Russian Navy won a great number of victories, and the boundaries of the empire were vastly expanded.

Charles Baird, the first builder of steamboats on the Neva, was a Russian engineer and manufacturer of Scottish descent.

He moved to Russia in 1786. In 1792 he organized a company with the manufacturer Franz Morgan with the enterprise being located on Galley Island. With time the factory evolved into one of the best casting and mechanical enterprises.

The first steamboat in Russia was built in Baird’s factory in August 1815.

In 1881 Baird’s heirs sold the plant to an anonymous joint stock company of Franco-Russian plants (foil-rolling plant). With time the plant became part of Admiralty Shipyards.

Brand personalities
Peter I

Sovereign, Tsar and Grand Duke of All Rus, the Emperor of Russia, founder of Admiralty Shipyard

Charles Baird

Founder of the plant which became the casting and mechanical basis of Admiralty Shipyard