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The most recognizable brand of children's and adolescent shoes in Russia

Egorievsk-SHOES JSC has consolidated four production sites under the Kotofey brand name to become Russia’s largest producer of shoes for children and teens.

1936 December 30


  • Great Patriotic
  • The fall
    of the
  • Default
  • Financial
82 years

82 years
of success

Four production
sites in Russia
More than 2000
skilled technicians
More than 140
outlet stores
More than 2,000,000
customers annually
More than
7 distributers

Experts from scientific institutions and specialized educational institutions work in conjunction with foreign designers to develop the brand’s product line.


The Kotofey production facilities are equipped with modern German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Asian machinery. The shoes are made of safe, environmentally friendly materials.

The company has its own quality control department, with experts present in all stages of the production process, from the supply of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product.

  • High quality
  • Modern
  • Internal quality
    control by expert
  • EAC Compliance
    TR CU 007/2011,
  • Meets GOST
  • Complies with the international
    quality standard ISO 9001:2008
    International Standard

Thanks to expert management and each site’s specialized production of a specific type of shoes, Kotofey products offer the best value for money, ensuring steady sales growth and a leg up over local and foreign competitors.

  • Natural
  • Proper
    orthopedic shape
  • Different climate
    zones taken into
  • Modern
  • Wide range
    of models
  • Optimal value
    for money

Kotofey is one of only a few brands in Russia extensively involved in developing children’s shoes as both scientific and research institutes and specialized educational institutions.

The company works is longstanding collaboration with the Moscow State University of Design and Technology (MSUDT), Russia’s first and largest university specializing in training personnel for the consumer goods industry.

The padding of Kotofey shoes are designed in conjunction with specialists from MSUDT utilizing recommendations from orthopedists, as well as data collected from indispensable research and measurements of children’s footsteps.

The implementation of advanced production techniques, the modernization of equipment and work with quality raw material suppliers allowed the company to successfully enter the medium price range market of children’s and adolescent shoes.

As part of its development strategy, Kotofey created a chain of brand specific shops, with more than 120 points of sale. Company experts are continually working to improve the quality of service, the availability of the shoes and the diversification of model range.

  • A

    Consumer Children 14
    and under

  • B

    Customer Middle
    class parents

Target Market

The brand has become one of the most recognizable manufactures of children’s shoes in Russia thanks to its established reputation and continued work on product quality and availability. Kotofey holds a significant share of the medium price segment, with loyal customers numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

What they
Sales Geography

Kotofey footwear is sold wholesale and retail through both chain stores and their own outlet stores. Their products are sold throughout Russia, and are also exported to the CIS countries, the Customs Union and the former Soviet republics.

  • Russia: all regions

    Mongolia, Kazakhstan,
    Estonia, Belarus,
    Ukraine, Moldova, Korea

  • Production



Every year company representatives take part in trade fairs both abroad and in Russia, where Kotofey shoes receive high marks from both industry experts and consumers. Moreover, the company’s products have repeatedly been nominated for and won awards and prizes in prestigious competitions.

More than
100 awards
  • Best Goods of Russia The 100 Best Goods
    of Russia 2000
    and 2007
  • Product of the Year
    2013 in the Children’s
    Shoes category
  • Russian QualityRussian Quality
Sergey Sorokin
Sergey Sorokin
General Director

Sorokin was born in the Korablinsky district of the Ryazan region in1965. After graduating from high school in 1982, he entered the Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry.

Upon reaching the age of 18, he was drafted into the army, serving in the airborne forces.

After finishing the institute in 1989 and acquiring the qualification as a planning engineer, he started his career at the Egorievsk Shoe Factory. He worked his way up from a shift foreman to the Deputy Director of Operations, and in 1994 he was elected head of the company.

In 1999, Sergey Victorovich got his second degree in Management from the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The Kotofey brand name of shoes, popular in Russia and in the CIS and Baltic countries, was the result of the work of the Egorievsk-SHOES collective under Sorokin’s leadership.

Sorokin has been elected Chairman of the Business Council of the Egorievsky District, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Egorievsk, member of the Council of Deputies of the Egorievsky municipal area, the Chairman of the Audit Commission and a member of the Ethics Commission of the Russian Union of Tanners and Shoemakers.

For his successful career, Sergey Victorovich was awarded the title of Honored Worker of the Textile and Light Industry of the Russian Federation.

He has been awarded with Badges of the Governor of the Moscow Region ‘Thank You’ and ‘For Work and Diligence’; the commendation ‘Gratitude of the Governor of the Moscow Region’; the jubilee medal ‘100 Years of Trade Unions of Russia’; a certificate of gratitude from the Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna; and commendations from other social organizations.

Sorokin is actively involved in charity work. Sergey Victorovich is married with two daughters.

He graduated from the Moscow State University of Design and Technology, and also received a PhD in Economics there in 2010.

He graduated from the military department of MSUDT and received the rank of lieutenant in the reserves. He has worked at Egorievsk-SHOES JSC since January of 2002.
He is married with three children.

He graduated from the Klintovsky Technical College with a degree in ‘Economics and Accounting for Companies in the Textile and Light Industry’ and from the Moscow State University of Design and Technology (MSUDT) with a degree in ‘Company Management in Light Industry’.

In 2001, he graduated from the military department of MSUDT and received the rank of lieutenant in the reserves. He has worked at Egorievsk-SHOES JSC since January of 2002.
He is married with two children.

Brand personalities
Sergey Sorokin

General Director

Andrey Evplov

Director of International Industrial Cooperation

Andrey Kapusta

Director of Marketing