Armplast LLC

Armplast LLC

Manufacture and sale of fiberglass and composite fittings

Armplast LLC is focused on the production and sale of composite fittings, equipment and services corresponding to the profile. Having a huge experience in the field of construction, the company declares that it is attentive and understanding to the needs of the modern market, offering technically advanced products. Raw materials used in the manufacture of fittings and other products are carefully controlled, as well as at subsequent stages of production. "Armplast offers a wide range of choices in the field of fittings. Manufacturing diameter at the maximum specified in GOST 32 mm in the offer from "Armplast" can be 36, 38, 40 and more mm. The company is proud of its cooperation with customers who have high quality requirements. Their list includes Lukoil, Spetsstroi Rossii, Technonickel and others.

In an effort to improve production, Armplast LLC allocates both production and financial resources for the study of new formulations of mixing compound parts, including nano-technologies (nanotubes, nano-diamonds). Contribution to the development and study of the regulatory framework contributes to the fact that the company is aware of all future prospects for the use of composite fittings. Highly qualified employees and departments formed for effective work guarantee that the company solves the tasks set in the production and implementation with high efficiency. Supplies of "Armplast" are distributed in many countries not only near abroad, but also in Asia, North Africa and Latin America.

All Armplast products undergo quality control in accordance with GOST. The company aims to be ready at any time to fulfill the order of construction companies due to the content of finished products in sufficient quantities. Own logistics department also allows you to effectively solve the tasks. Due to its compactness and relatively low weight, the delivery of composite flexible links is possible in any region by the transport company without huge costs.

Fiberglass fittings among the products manufactured by Armplast are of special quality and wide application profile. Often it is used to connect the internal walls of the house with the cladding in low-rise construction, replaces the metal rods in the foundation. Due to the fact that the rebar of this type is not subject to corrosion, it stands out against the background of many steel analogues, is applicable in the construction of coastal structures, embankments, fountains. Low cost of production with excellent quality provides a long service life of construction projects.