Scientific development and commercialization of biocatalysts in the field of biotechnology.

JSC "Bioamid" was founded in 1996 by developers of biocatalytic method of acrylamide production. This technology is in demand by many chemical companies in Russia and abroad (South Korea, Germany). The fields of application of the company's products - chemical industry, medicine and pharmacology, agriculture, ecology - require the use of original biocatalysts based on unique strains of microorganisms.

Developments are carried out in three laboratories: microbiological, biotechnological and analytical. The company is equipped with microbiological, fermentation and analytical equipment, including gas and liquid chromatographs, spectrophotometers, centrifuges and refrigerators, respectively. Employees of JSC "Bioamid" have chemical, biological and medical education, including 2 doctors of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences and 3 laureates of the State Prize in the field of science and technology. The company is a patent holder and holder of twelve patents and certificates of protection of inventions.

JSC "Bioamid" is the only Russian supplier of biocatalyst for biotechnology of acrylamide production. Bioamid was the first analogue company in the world to create an industrial biotechnology for acrylic acid production, which is the basis for monomer synthesis of different brands of polymers. The obtained monomer of high purification degree allows synthesizing polymers with specified properties. Acrylic acid polymers are used for wastewater treatment and concentration of coal slime from coal preparation plants, and for strengthening the surface of mining waste dumps to prevent their weathering and water erosion.

In the sphere of medicine the industrial technology of obtaining high-purity L-aspartic acid is developed - the basis of a number of pharmaceutical products: potassium injection and infusion solutions, magnesium asparaginate, tablets "Asparkam-L", various forms of potassium asparaginate and magnesium. Since 1998 the enterprise lets out a highly active immunomodulator - nukleinat sodium. In the sphere of agriculture the biocontrol agent for silage of forages BSC-1, veterinary selenoorganic preparation "Selenolin®", the injection form of the immunomodulator "Sodium nucleinate", biopreparation "Ruden" is successfully applied for clearing of soil and reservoirs from oil pollution.

The quality management system is confirmed by patents for each developed preparation, which can be found on the official website of the company in the appropriate sections.