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One of the leading companies in the production of refrigeration equipment in the regions of the Russian Federation

Snowball brand equipment was first created and produced in Zelenograd on the centralized sites of the plant "ELPA" in 1998. Actually, in that period the initial production templates, successfully accepted by the employees of commercial enterprises, appeared in production.Today "ECO-1" is the leading enterprise on creation of the refrigerating machinery of excellent quality in the domestic market.

Commercial refrigeration equipment under the brands "Snow" and "Bonvini" has justly received appreciation both in our country and in the countries of the near abroad. Impeccable quality and its firmness deserve the use of components of leading international manufacturers and ruthless quality control of installation with the use of computer testing. Today the company has in assortment a wide spectrum of freezing chests which application is supposed both for personal house using, and in trade. Modest in the use of equipment, holding the lowest cost per liter of refrigerated volume in Russia, you can find almost anywhere in our country. Main activities: production of commercial refrigeration equipment.

The quality management system meets the requirements of the international standard, all goods are certified and at purchase the guarantee period of 12 months is given.

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