One of the leading companies in the production of high-quality steel castings with special surface finishes for various applications

Founded in 2010, LLC "NPF "Eurodetal" today is a single manufacturer in Russia with the ability to produce steel with a special surface finish of high precision h8, with a surface roughness of Ra no more than 0.32 microns, calibrated rolled metal accuracy h9. The company has no rivals in the domestic market for certain properties of the surface quality of metal products, only imports from Turkey and the European Union, which began to be replaced this year by domestically produced metal products.

At the final stage of development the project on import substitution of wires with hardening for the manufacture of springs for passenger car suspension, the development of which is being carried out jointly with M.T. Kalashnikov State Technical University. The range of products is represented by machined and calibrated rolled steel, steel with special surface finish of various grades. Also the enterprise renders services in processing of goods made on commission.

Main activities: production of metal products with special surface finish.

The quality management system complies with the established Russian standards (RST), and the quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001-2011.