The manufacturer of instrument-autonomous system of electronic queue

Initially, "DAMASK" existed as a subsidiary of LLC "Group of companies ASC", which was engaged in the sale and development of the e-name system of electronic queue. 10 years ago, Damascus declared itself as a sovereign independent business unit, which is part of LETA Group.

The range of goods of LLC "DAMASK" also today consists of a monopolized product - electronic queue system. The company's professionals are constantly improving the system of electronic queue DAMASK, so that it became even more comfortable in use and promised even better income to the subscriber of the company, and for partners it became more simple in its setup and support. They use more than 11 industry solutions in their work.

The main types of the company's activities: development, development, technical assistance of the electronic queue mechanism of DAMASK, improvement and sale of manufactured products through the network of district partners.

The quality management system meets the requirements of TRTS 025/2012 standard.