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New Technologies of Laser Thermohardening

The company is engaged in the development of a robotic universal complex based on a diode laser

The company, which you are now reading about, appeared in 2011 and already in 2012 broke into the market, taking the first place in Russia for the best development in the field of laser equipment designed for industrial needs.

A year later, an even more advanced laser complex was created. In turn, the company continued to receive the award for the laser thermal peening award. The cost of the project is estimated at half a billion rubles.

The complex is engaged in thermal treatment of cylindrical surfaces used in such industries as shipbuilding, agriculture, oil and gas production, and automotive industry.

The list of advantages includes a low cost price compared to competitors, the ability to strengthen the surface of parts without the need to melt the material and without worsening the surface roughness.

New Technologies of Laser Thermohardening, LLC has no analogues in Russia and boasts an intelligent control system, nondestructive control systems and integration of monitoring systems.

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