Scientific, technological and industrial center specializing in microchannel and fiber optic technologies

Located in the Republic of North Ossetia, "Vladikavkaz Technological Center "Baspik" is engaged in the production of microelectronics products. It is worth noting that this is the only company in Russia that produces microchannel plates.

Another feature of the company, which distinguishes it from others, is the ability to manufacture plates to individual order.

These plates are used in night vision devices, as well as in astronomy, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering and ecology. In addition, "Vladikavkaz Technological Center" Baspik "is also engaged in the manufacture of detectors to individual order. The fields of application also fascinate: astrophysics, space research, experimental nuclear physics and so on.

However, the company is not only a monopolist in the Russian market, but also occupies a place among the recognized world leaders in this field.