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Pandora LED

The company specializes in electronic equipment and production of LED lighting fixtures

Pandora is an exclusively Russian company, which from its first days set the bar high. Their long way began with the production of security systems for cars - even then the company took the palm tree in this segment.

Then the guys went on and took up automotive electronics, anti-theft systems, as well as telemetry and service systems. Thanks to the efforts of engineers, the company managed to outperform its competitors not by months, but by years.

Now LLC "Plant of Experimental Instrument Engineering" has entered the field of manufacturing of LED lamps and has already taken an honorable place among domestic manufacturers.

However, in addition to this, the company boasts the development of its own power supplies for computers, as well as a lot of devices from the computer periphery. Having started its work in 2006, in 2011, the team of LLC "Plant of Experimental Instrument Engineering" moved to a new path and still feels good in this area.

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