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For more than half a century the company JSC "OKB-Planeta" has been developing and manufacturing high-tech products, in particular radio equipment and its components

JSC "OKB-Planeta" is a company with many years of experience, which specializes in the production and development of radio receiving and transmitting equipment. Also the company is engaged in manufacturing of its components, the list of which includes microwave electronic components, microwave units and modules, power supply converters and cooling systems. In the ninth year of the year, JSC "OKB-Planeta" was recognized as the best enterprise in the field of innovation in the Novgorod region.

Less than seven years later, as in the sixteenth year, the company received an even more honorable award - so, it was included in the list of ten fastest growing medium-sized companies. The company is also a developer, manufacturer and supplier at the same time, and its main motto is to serve the country by creating and developing thousands of technological solutions that improve people's lives.

The unique scientific experience allows the company to look into the future, creating intelligence and information systems, space communications and automated control systems.

Also in the list of the company's production includes products and manufacture of situational centers and special communication systems, and the company itself is divided into eleven enterprises, each of which carries out work in its own specific direction.

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