The Center is one of the leading industrial companies operating in the field of development and manufacture of complex technological stuffing for space equipment

Founded in 1951, JSC "NPC "Polus" is one of the most closed enterprises in Russia. Today the NPC is a part of the large-scale domestic holding "Information Satellite Systems".

NPC Polyus JSC develops and creates the onboard and ground electrical equipment and mechanisms for precise purposes that require deep and complex study. The complexes studied and made in the center, and the devices are subject to operation in mechanical spacecraft of communication and TV broadcasting, remote sensing of the Earth, space environmental monitoring ("Meteor"), the study of outer space ("Phobos", "Mars").

SPC Polus JSC is a successful interaction of scientific and production services, united by common goals and objectives. Such communication, taking into account the technological capabilities of the company, allows us to produce a wide range of electrical products with the best technical and operational characteristics, safety and quality.

Complexes and devices manufactured and developed in the NPC are subject to operation in numerous facilities of current technology. Including automatic space communication and broadcasting devices, remote sensing of the Earth, environmental monitoring, the International Space Station, ship, aviation and oil and gas equipment.

The company has certified and operates a modern quality management system in accordance with international standards. The company has all necessary certificates and licenses for creation and production of electric power and electromechanical systems.