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NPO Turbotechnika is the only corporation in Russia and the CIS specializing in the development, design and manufacture of turbochargers for a wide range of domestic engines

Established in 1989, the company "Turbotekhnika" provides Russian engines with the most effective elements of supercharging and is a niche manufacturer of turbochargers in the Russian Federation. The production activity supports unique technologies in its work. Nowadays, this research and production association is an exclusive research and production complex, which develops, manufactures, tests turbochargers and other mechanisms and units of engines for various purposes for land, water and air transport. The policy of the association initially includes the concentration of two ways - science and production.

The basic types of the company's work include production of supercharger units, exhaust gas recirculation mechanisms, liquid-oil heat exchangers and other systems, and engine units.

The most efficient mechanisms and equipment manufactured by the Turbotechnika Production Association, which have a competitive advantage, allow Russian engines to meet the highest global standards in terms of intensity, profitability and environmental safety.
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