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It is the leading enterprise of the Russian Federation on mass reproduction of seeds. LLC "AGROPLAZMA" occupies a dominant position among domestic entrepreneurs in the production and sales of ready-made cereal materials of hybrid sunflower and sorghum.

AGROPLAZMA LLC, established in the year 2000, today is one of the leading companies among the manufacturers of hybrid sunflower seeds, sorghum and corn in terms of production and sales of finished seed material, as well as the selection and creation of new varieties and hybrids. The company's cornerstone is the production of a high quality domestic product at an affordable price. Responding to the interests of the dynamically developing seed market, LLC "Agroplasm" annually submits to the State Commission for registration of up to ten varieties and hybrids of different crops. They are residents of the Skolkovo State Innovation Fund and present a project to create highly productive corn hybrids that are resistant to biotic and abiotic stressors. The hybrids are created using an integrated approach that includes the use of molecular genetic methods and the preservation of the quality of the breeding product through the selection and seed production of hybrids on a fertile basis.

Main activities: production of corn hybrids, growing grain crops. In its work the company supports unique technologies of cultivation of various crops and seeds.

Several regions of the Russian Federation, Pakistan and Turkey produce paternal lines and hybrids. Seed modification is carried out at a high-tech plant in Krasnodar Region, and seeds are treated with dressing agents (Syngenta® ). Each batch of cereals is additionally tested in the field in Pakistan and DNA analysis is also used. Seed lots that do not comply with GOST are subject to rejects.

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