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Scientific Production Company "Speech Technology Center" is engaged in the development of innovative systems in the field of technologies of synthesis and recognition of speech and voice, analysis of audio and video information. Only a small number of developers from all over the world have been able to achieve success and a high international level in this field, implementing their projects around the world

Speech Technology Center is a group of companies consisting of STC research company, "STC innovations" and SpeechPro, with headquarters in Moscow, St. Petersburg and New York. STC Group develops and implements innovative solutions for biomodal and multimodal identification, voice and speech recognition and synthesis systems, as well as many other high-tech flagship products that are used in a wide range of consumer segments: in government agencies and law enforcement agencies, in medicine and health care, at industrial enterprises and educational institutions, at large sports facilities and contact centers. Due to the demand for the latest intelligent IT products and the need to ensure control and security, regulation and optimization of business processes, the STC sales map is virtually blank. The company's technologies have been serving people both in everyday life and in professional activities for over 25 years. Different business scenarios for the use of biometrics by voice, facial features and a set of other features and a combination of different features are realized through multimodal biometric recognition. Face recognition system "Vizir" carries out effective identification in the video stream, quick search for people by photo and video archives. Multimodal system of forensic accounting and biometric search VoiceGrid allows you to carry out a biometric search on the photographic image of the face and voice.

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