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Large commercial vehicle plant, design and production of various special and construction equipment.

The authoritative plant of commercial transport, located in the Nizhny Novgorod region, was founded in 2005. It is known for production of a wide range of special and construction machinery: cranes, hydraulic lifts (on different chassis with lifting heights from 14 to 70 m), tow trucks, medical and social transport, mobile workshops, mobile laboratory complexes on different chassis with equipment and special-purpose vehicles.

Own large design and technological base of the plant allows to develop design documentation in due time and of high quality, and the newest machines and equipment, long-term experience and the strictest quality control system at all stages of production lead to the creation of competitive equipment of high level at the plant with the use of the best world ideas and details

Exclusively represents two well-known international brands in Russia (lifting and movement of people and goods) CTE and EFFER.

Regular customers of the plant are large oil, distribution and energy companies, state leasing company, manufacturers and sellers of special equipment, construction companies of CIS countries, oil product carriers, gas station networks.

Among other popular services of the plant of commercial transport - delivery of the car to the desired region, service in all regions of Russia.

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