Automated taxi information system. Mobile applications for taxi ordering "Maxim" and for the work of Taxsee Driver. Contact-centers for reception of orders by phone and support of users.

Founded in 2003 by young specialists in the automation of technological processes and production from Kurgan.

Innovative technologies of taxi ordering make the service more modern, accessible and safe. Taking into account the specifics of provincial cities and megacities, the company facilitates algorithms for passengers - to call a taxi in any convenient way, and for drivers - to optimize the processes of search and transportation of passengers, reduce idle mileage.

Creation of its own powerful hardware and software complex allowed the company to connect an unlimited number of carriers to the service and process more than 1 million daily orders. It also provides detailed analytics for flexible business management, analysis and optimization.

The system of professional training of operators has been developed, the largest in the Russian Federation specialized contact-center for receiving and processing of orders for passenger and cargo transportation and user support is operating. It also serves drivers working with orders through the Taxsee driver application.

Online ordering reduces the cost of travel, applications simplify the work. By opening up in new cities, the company increases competition, creates jobs and develops the economy.