Laser Systems

Laser Systems

Laser technology and optoelectronics, instrumentation

"Laser Systems" company has been successfully engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of high-tech products and development of production technologies for more than 20 years, including high-power lasers, environmental monitoring systems and equipment for aviation, additive technologies, space developments for the needs of Russian commercial and government agencies.

The Center successfully tested its own (Laser Systems) Odyssey software designed for automation, planning, modeling and cyclogramming of extra-vehicular activities (open space launch scenario) with the possibility of prompt notification of all control groups. Commissioning of Odyssey software by RSC Energia specialists will allow to start digitalization of manned space activities in Russia.

Installation of additive selective laser fusion M250, just presented by the company, allows growing from metal powders of domestic and foreign production parts of complex shapes of maximum size 250x250x250 mm3, which cannot be produced by traditional methods.

Implementation of the project on creation of this industrial 3D printer has been carried out for 3 years, from scientific and patent research to development of own software and production of a serial sample. The volume of investments amounted to more than 200 million rubles.

For the first time in Russia, two lasers working simultaneously on the same working field with a capacity of up to 1000 W each work in an industrial 3D printer, which significantly increases productivity. The weight of the finished part produced on the M250 unit can be half as much as the weight of the finished part created by the traditional method of production. At the same time, the cost of its production is reduced by almost 2 times.

The creation of the M250 solves the problem of import substitution for a wide range of industrial companies, opening up the market for local manufacturers of metal powders. M250 can be in demand in the fields of aircraft and engine construction, aerospace industry, transport engineering, robotics, medicine, instrumentation.

"Laser Systems" is widely known as the developer of unique systems for testing and operating high-power lasers. These are aerodynamic windows (AO), with the help of which high-intensity laser radiation of high power is removed from the laser resonator, as well as pressure recovery systems (PRS).