Information technology

Software for work of mass Internet services Webinar.Ru (service of webinars and videoconferences of new generation) and We.Study (organization of training courses), giving the chance quickly and simply to share knowledge, on own platform COMDI for scale broadcasts all over the world. Technologies for knowledge dissemination - three products in one ecosystem

WEBINAR3 software and cloud technologies are the result of research and practical solution of engineering problems of infrastructure productivity provision, increase of reliability of Internet services for online communication, conduction of web conferences for the audience from 2000 to 10000 participants and organization of mixed training.

We.Study is a virtual training center for quick and effective creation of courses, solution of tasks of internal corporate training, adaptation, certification. SMB, Enterprise - technological companies with a distributed organizational structure and / or remote employees, with a developed learning culture.

Services based on the product WEBINAR3 serve several thousand corporate clients, 200+ universities, up to 1 million participants of webinars, online meetings, presentations and teleconferences per month.

70% of customers use the company's products for online training (educational, training, certification centers, departments of additional education and advanced training, individual tutors).

The COMDI team broadcasts online from its own studio and field sites with the help of professional equipment and its own player, which is built into various social networks and websites.