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Technological and industrial leader of Russian production of batteries.

JSC "AKOM" is a technological and industrial leader of the Russian production of batteries. It produces and sells lead-acid starter batteries with the capacity of 52-220 amperes/hours of forward and reverse polarity. ТМ АКОМ, REACTOR, BRAVO, ULTIMATUM, АКОМ+EFB (more than 200 kinds). It is a member of the Akom Group of Companies together with Tesvolt Rus, a manufacturer of lithium-ion storage devices, and offers the market the full range of solutions from licensed assembly of lithium-ion storage devices to complex solutions in the distributed power industry. Akom-Industrial was the first company in Russia to master the technology of full cycle production of AGM batteries, build a new plant of industrial lead-acid batteries at TOR in Togliatti and is ready to replace up to 10% of imports by 2027.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is a technology for manufacturing lead-acid batteries using liquid electrolyte-impregnated glass fiber. Resistance to cyclic loads (up to 500 charge-discharge cycles), corrosion processes, vibrations, high and low temperatures, and low self-discharge is increased. GEL (Gel Electrolyte) batteries show record deep discharge resistance, withstand up to 700 charge-discharge cycles and a service life of up to 10 years. GEL battery technology is being introduced into production. AKOM is the main supplier of the battery to the Russian market - more than 50% of all supplies, and 70% of all exports of the industry from Russia. The dealer network consists of 100 partners in all regions of Russia, 36 more - in the CIS countries, South-East Asia and Western Europe.

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