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"GEROPHARM" is a national manufacturer of biotechnological drugs, a leader in the development and production of insulin, and ensures drug safety in Russia.

The company "GEROPHARM" is engaged in the creation of modern pharmaceutical infrastructure, development and production of socially important medicines. The whole line of analogue insulin of different duration of action - more than 20 projects - is in active development of the research center "GEROPHARM" - within the framework of Pharma 2020, according to the conclusions of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, on the basis of the leadership of EMEA and FDA. It is planned to launch drugs on the market in 2019-2021 at the new plant in Pushkino. Investments in construction amounted to more than 3.3 billion rubles, including, in addition to the company's own and borrowed funds (FRR, VTB), with the participation of the program of the Russian Direct Investment Fund "Investment Lift". Production is organized according to GMP standards, with 90% of processes automated.

RingGlar® will be the first glargin insulin made entirely in Russia, from substance synthesis to finished dosage form production. The plant's design capacity allows the plant to produce 1000 kg of the substance per year - this is 100% coverage of Russia's demand for insulin preparations (about 800 kg per year), and the possibility of expanding exports (to Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa). Pharmaceutical development, clinical trials and registration of RinGlar® cost Geropharm 238.7 million rubles. The Ministry of Industry and Trade allocated over RUB 53 million for clinical trials.

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