The company develops, manufactures and implements precision farming systems, including the GlonasH satellite navigation system for precision farming

The company was established in 2013 as a separate unit within the Agrosturman Group. The main technology created by the company is the Glonash satellite navigation system for precision farming. In addition to this innovative technology, the company manufactures differentiated fertilizer application and sowing control systems and automatic control systems (autopilot).

A separate niche in the company's production is occupied by the cloud service of data collection, analysis and storage for agricultural enterprises, integrated with the Enterprise Management Systems.

The company's developments make it possible to take into account the peculiarities of local climate and operation in the production process, producing customized products for each specific customer. This approach to production has become possible due to the lower cost of products with a high competitiveness of exclusive registered developments that have no Russian counterparts.

A highly qualified development team, which includes engineers, designers and programmers, will help to monitor trends and accurately meet the demand of both individual farms and large agricultural enterprises.