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The company manufactures composite materials SMC (prepreg) and BMC (premix), composite profiles of various cross-sections and composite hatches, which are not subject to corrosion, despite temperature changes

LLC "Tatneft-Presscomposite" is a subdivision of JSC TATNEFT and produces reinforcing fibers in the form of sheet material and shapeless mass. In addition, the company manufactures composite profiles with anti-corrosion resistance at high wear resistance and strength. Composite hatches with a safety margin of 40 tons are made of SMC compound. Polymeric cable-bearing systems, which are also produced by "Tatneft-Presscomposite" LLC, are also made of compound. The polymeric cable trays used in this system are made on the basis of fiberglass and show absolute stability to the aggressive environment at a cable lining.

In the production of polyester glass-filled products, the method of direct pressing in steel heated molds on hydraulic presses is mainly used.

The company's pressing technologies make it possible to eliminate bubbles, impurities, crevices and cracks on the products, loss of gloss, burnt spot, splitting and separation of glass fibers, lines of junction of streams, large voids in the web, numerous pores, premature curing.

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