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The company produces steel ropes and uninsulated wires. The company's developments increase the safety and durability of power transmission line structures, energy infrastructure, improve maintenance of mine hoists.

Founded in 2004, "Metsbytservis" is engaged in the development and implementation of an innovative product designed to improve the safety of work with power lines, contact railway networks with the help of parts with plastically modified shapes. "Metsbytservice" also manufactures copper cables of the contact network, which, after necessary testing, guarantee the necessary wear resistance and sufficient conductivity. These products were developed on request by RZD and implemented under the guidance and supervision of Metsbytservice engineers.

Testing of fiber-optic cable on resistance to stretching, crushing, lightning strikes, bends and vibrations, and also a friction and galloping has shown ability completely to replace foreign cables. The company holds twenty patents for its products registered in Russia, and three patents registered in Germany, as well as a certificate of conformity to ISO standards.

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