Design and construction of all types of well attachment equipment, engineering support and supervision of well attachment and core intake.

Founded in 1993, LLC NPP "SibBurMash" carries out a full cycle of works on equipping drilling wells from design to commissioning, using its own methods.

The team of highly qualified engineers has developed and confirmed with laboratory tests the Technological equipment for well fixing of TOKS series wells, Technological equipment for well fixing and development of OKOS series wells, Technological equipment for well fixing and multistage fracturing, as well as technical equipment for cutting off part of the open hole.

The deep drilling technology developed by the company for core sampling involves six stages of core sampling and in October 2012 produced a core column with a height of almost 79 m as a result of drilling.

Innovative technologies provide hydraulic fracturing with unconditional sealing directly in the shank. Sealing of the shank head is ensured by installation of an additional packer device with equal penetration.

Descent through the shank into the additional shaft-branch is carried out with the help of underbalanced descent equipment.

Core research, which is the final stage of well commissioning, is carried out in the company's own laboratory.

The equipment is provided in various configurations depending on the need.