Energomera, a.s. operates in the field of electronics and instrumentation and manufactures instruments and equipment for measuring electrical quantities.

Founded in 1994, JSC "Electrotechnical plants "Energomera" is a subsidiary of the concern "Energomera" and occupies 36% of the Russian market of electricity meters.

The structure of JSC "Electrotechnical plants "Energomera" directly consists of four plants and the Corporate Institute of Electrotechnical Institute "Energomera".

The plants are located in Stavropol, Kharkov and Fanipol. It is the largest manufacturer of electric meters in Russia.

The company produces single-phase and three-phase meters, automated systems of commercial metering of electricity (ASCUE) for connection with various communication channels and transition of residential buildings to a multi-tariff payment system with significant savings and energy saving.

One of the factories also produces metrological reference devices to determine the characteristics during the refinement of measuring instruments.

Electrochemical protection equipment produced by JSC "Electrotechnical plants "Energomera" has been approved for use in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the development of oil and gas fields.

The Company provides service up to and including the exchange of the warranty device, as well as takes care of post-warranty maintenance of meters.

JSC "Electrotechnical plants "Energomera" provides software, documentation, booklets and offers online and offline training for dealers with whom it builds its own sales network. Training courses are held at the company on a monthly basis.

In the course of its activities, the company has received numerous certificates and certificates:

1) Permit of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation to use the trademark "Golden Mercury";

2) Permit to use the equipment for electrochemical protection "Energomera" in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3) Certificate of NP "SOPKOR";

4) Certificate of accession to NP MOAPP MSP-Opora;

5) certificate TÜV CERT TÜV NORD CERT GmbH, issued in Germany.