Tomsk Cable Works

Tomsk Cable Works

LLC "Tomsk Cable Works" was engaged in the production and sale of high-tech cable and conductor products of its own trademark TOFLEKS

Founded in 2000, LLC "Tomsk Cable Works" is engaged in the development and production of high-tech cable and conductor products under the registered trademark TOFLEKS.

The demand for the products provides a variety of materials and innovative solutions. The list includes a flexible cable, cable for communication systems and electrical installations, mounting, power, control and signal-blocking cable, and the same cable for use in mines.

In addition, the plant produces wires for power lines, rolling stock, communications and industrial blasting operations.

The company's website provides a designer for users, with the help of which the customer can design the cable himself. The innovative solution provides for 10 steps to obtain the necessary design, including the definition of the type of cable, conductor, degree of flexibility, fire resistance, insulation, shielding, armor, sheathing and execution. As a result, the customer sees on the screen the result he wants to get.

ТОFLEX trademark cable is used in 123 projects, where it showed a high level of reliability.

The volume of cable deliveries to the main gas pipeline "Power of Siberia", through which the gas will go from the Chayandinskoye mosquitoes to Vladivostok and further to China, is more than 2100 km of cable, among which there is a power cable, control cable and MIPs.

The northernmost continental oil and gas condensate field in Russia, Messoyakha, has been supplied with 120 km of wires and cables of various designs.