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Manufacture and sale of lighting products for a wide range of applications, the main supplier of greenhouse lighting equipment

"Reflux" company was founded in 1995 for the development and industrial implementation of a new promising idea - high pressure mirror sodium lamp type Reflux with a small and highly efficient optical system. The design of the lamp with an internal mirror reflector and a special profile of the bulb has no analogues in the world, which is confirmed by patents of Russia, Germany, France, USA, Japan and China.

"Reflux" has become the main domestic supplier of greenhouse lighting equipment. In combination with the competent agronomy of the lamp DNAZ/Reflux in the lamps with EBs allow you to grow the highest yields, increasing the profitability of greenhouse enterprises. For example, after upgrading greenhouse lighting systems, cucumber yields increase from 40 to 150 kg/m2. "Reflux" lamps successfully combine high efficiency, stable lighting parameters, wide light distribution and small dimensions.

Key clients of "Reflux" are greenhouse complexes, producers and suppliers of greenhouses and their components, as well as suppliers of equipment for indoor plant growing, more than 100 objects. The Reflux-S plant in Saransk, Mordovia, also produces street lighting fixtures. Mirror lamps DNAZ/Reflux were awarded the Gold Medal of the exhibition "AgroComplex-2019" and the Diploma of the first degree in the nomination "For the development and production of equipment for electricity, gas and heat supply to agricultural consumers" of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

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