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The first domestic manufacturer of automated complexes for airports

Convetronic LLC is the first domestic manufacturer of automated complexes for airports: luggage handling systems and preflight inspection automation systems. The company also develops sorting equipment for modern logistics centers. Convetronic LLC is a modern innovative enterprise: the latest technologies, such as digital design, digital twins, virtual commissioning are integrated into the processes. 3D-designing with the use of modern digital tools allows you to effectively develop schemes of luggage handling systems and fit them into the airport building with maximum precision.

Work with digital twins has become the basic principle of the domestic manufacturer. Thanks to prototyping and modeling of various situations on the digital twin it is possible to avoid unplanned "surprises", both in regular, and in emergency situations. The digital double allows to reveal bottlenecks in work of difficult systems, especially such as systems of processing of a luggage, and to correct them at a design stage. The virtual twin not only conducts the initial tests, but it continues to "live" in parallel to the already working system. Even insignificant changes, at first are tested on it, and only then are introduced in a life that considerably allows to save time and money of customers.

Production and expert base of Convetronic LLC is located in Russia, and it gives a number of important advantages in cooperation. Firstly, it is flexibility and a clear understanding of the needs of regional airports. All complex system complexes are developed according to individual projects, taking into account key features of airports, including airports of northern regions. Secondly, the opportunity to be always close to the customer at each stage of the project and after its completion, as well as to respond quickly to any non-standard situations with on-site visits.

Convetronic LLC's luggage systems and components have already been installed at airports in Anapa, Vnukovo, Mineralnye Vody and Nadym. Several complex projects for large Russian airports are currently in operation.

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