The Engineering and Technology Centre Continuum "ITC " specializes in the development of embedded information and management systems for various economic sectors.

The company "Continuum" was founded in 2011. The company's scientific developments provide an opportunity to conduct a wide range of developments, including the development and implementation of the latest practices in the field of information technology, communication systems and data transmission, technology for intelligent network management, automation of control systems and measuring instruments. The company implements its projects with the support of the program "Development - STI IV. Energy" fund to promote the development of small businesses in the scientific and technological field. In particular, the project "Intelligent cluster system for electricity metering and quality control", which includes a module for measuring three-phase current and three-phase voltage, a basic computing module equipped with interfaces, and a module for measuring six-phase voltage.

The "Cluster Digital Substation" project solves complex automation tasks in electric substations with the help of a unified compact intelligent electronic device (cIED), which provides the substation automation function, and a chassis that protects the modules built into it, ensures reliable communication with external devices and power supply to the devices.

The company develops and manufactures electronics and automation systems both as individual modules and as multi-component software and hardware complexes. The technology of additive production of electrical equipment forms, by means of 3D printing, a conductive and insulating structure for products with high electrical characteristics, which cannot be achieved by traditional production methods.

System design, which is carried out by the company's employees, includes the development of design documentation, work on installation, start-up and adjustment of equipment, as well as further system support. The company offers customers the most modern and effective solutions to problems.