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The company "I-TOR" finds non-standard solutions for intelligent metering and increase the controllability of observation in high voltage networks by creating unique products for the organization of commercial metering and dispatching of electricity.

The company was transformed in 2015 from a research laboratory into a modern production facility for the development, serial production and operation of a line of innovative electronic measuring transformers in the power grid infrastructure.

The company's innovative developments include commercial accounting points provided with electronic current and voltage transformers as well as points for installation in substations and supports. Development of small-size electronic voltage meter i-TOR allows to keep commercial records in previously inaccessible places.

Since 2015, the company participates in the Skolkovo energy cluster, receiving support from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Science and Technology Enterprises.

The company owns the rights to four patents, three of which are granted for the useful model of devices for measuring current and voltage in the high voltage network, measuring and processing electrical quantities in circuits with full galvanic isolation and taking small power from the high voltage circuit, and the fourth patent is granted for the invention of a device for measuring current and voltage in the high voltage network. In addition, the company is engaged in the development and implementation of devices for commercial metering of electricity in cable networks, air-insulated cells and electro-gas monoblocks (SF6). Certificates and certificates of conformity have been issued for all these devices and devices. All technical documentation and operating documents are provided to the customer together with the equipment. Rosstandart has entered into the State Register of Measuring Devices a new type of current and voltage measuring device i-TOR-110s.

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