Volzhsky Plant of Building Materials, LLC (Bikton trademark) was organized in 2002. The company produces autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, which are used to build any structures.

Autoclaved aerated concrete is produced from environmentally friendly materials - sand, lime. The process of aerated concrete production is notable for its manufacturability and ease of processing, as a result of which the material acquires such properties as durability, strength, frost resistance. The autoclaving stage excludes shrinkage of aerated concrete, which in time becomes only harder. The result of the production process is not ordinary concrete, but synthesized stone with all the advantages of this material and the possibility of easy processing.

OOO "Volzhsky Plant of Building Materials" produces aerated concrete, dry mixes and fractional insulation for mixing lightweight concrete as a replacement for expanded clay, with the device of screeds and concrete preparations, for insulation and antifouling backfill foundations.

Dry building mixes "Bikton" are characterized by a uniform composition, breathability, speed of preparation and ease of use.

Introduction of shock technology and automated process control system allows producing volume blocks with density of 400-500 kg/m³ with exceptionally uniform characteristics. Thanks to the use of the most precise cutting complex, the blocks have an ideal geometrical configuration, which makes it possible to stack the blocks on special adhesive with a seam thickness of up to 3 mm. Glue is produced in the neighboring shop on a special automated line, which produces, in addition to glue, plastering, puttying, dry putty mixes in accordance with GOST 31360-2007.