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NPO GELAR, LLC manufactures composite material based on supermolecular polyethylene and modifying additives, which has a unique combination of properties that specify areas of application

The company was registered in July 2012. Its main production is composite polymer, which has high frost resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, resistance to abrasion, low friction coefficient, physiological inertness.

Molecular weight, and it depends on the number of atoms in one molecule, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMCPE) reaches 10 million. Due to this structure, the substance has high mechanical strength and high impact toughness. The strength of yarns made of this material is such that it can be used, for example, in armour protection systems or in the civil sector - to protect any surface, the same body of heavy vehicles. The polymer is resistant to chemical influences and retains its properties under extreme temperatures, so it can work in the most difficult conditions: in corrosive environments and even in space.

Thanks to its high sliding coefficient, it can be used for producing tribotechnical products and even lubricants. Most products are obtained by "pressing". Another limitation is the impossibility of fully weld these materials, because even when heated to the melting point, they do not go to the current state and its properties are similar to rubber. The product of "NPO GELAR" Ltd. is presented both as finished products and as semi-finished products - sheets, plates, rods, profiles, polyethylene plates and polyethylene sheets.

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