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It was founded in 2012. During this period, the company has tested and successfully produced more than twenty innovative products: from interior paints and primers to specialized heat-saving and anti-corrosion coatings.

The company POVOLZHE LLC manufactures water-dispersion paint-and-lacquer materials, the development of which is based on the latest technologies developed by Atlant JSC with the support of ULNANOTECH Nanocenter (Ulyanovsk). To work with these technologies the company uses ultrasonic unit "Hammer" of flow type, which crushes the necessary components to the state of disperse dust, which improves the quality of products on a water-dispersion basis. The company produces interior coatings, textured plaster, facade decorative plaster, decorative lacquers, primers, paints and special coatings.

Standard" liquid heat-saving coating and "Universal" heat-saving plaster are produced in close cooperation with JSC "RUSNANO". They can be successfully used for thermal insulation of heating mains, steam pipelines, water pipelines, industrial facilities and equipment, residential houses, facades of buildings and roofs, tanks, tanks and containers for storage of petrochemical products, trailers, cars and other vehicles.

Elastic materials with a filler made of marble crumb and quartz sand are made on the basis of acrylic dispersion, have super strong adhesion and allow preventing surface cracking. The plaster filler consists of marble and quartz compounds, which eliminates the appearance of rust. The uniqueness of the coating is that when small cracks are formed, the acrylic coating stretches. Materials can be applied by spraying with appropriate equipment.

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