The Research and Production Company "SinPROTEK" (LLC "STEK") was registered in January 2008. The company occupies its own niche in the market of oil production and refining, developing and implementing systems for process optimization.

The basis of the company's strategy is implementation of energy saving projects in oil production, production and consumption of heat, gas, steam, water with application of innovative solutions in technological processes management. Development of new technologies and improvement of already existing systems increase STEK's competitiveness.

The enterprise is supported by the Foundation for Development of Small Innovative Enterprises. The company's developments in the field of medical diagnostics based on the analysis of data on the intensity of infrared radiation in specific points of the human body surface are called infrared mini-thermograph.

The works on modernization and improvement of bioelectric stimulator "Bioton M", the work of which increases the efficiency of treatment of motor disorders of various neurological origin, are being completed.

The implementation of the pilot project at the Tallinn oil field showed an economic result of using energy-efficient solutions from the company of 160%, saving 6000 MW in just 1 year.

The most energy-efficient sectors with significant potential for increasing energy efficiency are the fuel and energy sector and the housing and utilities sector. To solve the problems in these sectors, a mobile hydro-jet pump control station is designed on the basis of the OASIS control system. The automated control system of technological process of "the second level" for mobile block pump station of control of the hydro-jet pump on the basis of ACS TP "OASIS" is intended for realization of the remote control and management of station operation through a control system "STEK-1" of realization of archiving and the analysis of data on station operation.

Hardware and software complex of the automated control system of TP "OAZIS-PGS" as a whole provides coordinated and safe functioning of all systems of the technological complex through the control system "STEK-1".