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"ELVIS-NeoTech" was established with the support of OAO RUSNANO to create a system center for the design of ultra-high integration integrated circuits, on the basis of which business monitoring systems and security systems with computer vision and video analytics will be created.

Computerized security systems offered by ELVIS-NeoTech include ENOT radar, designed for automatic detection of small class unmanned aircraft, as well as ground and surface targets, measuring coordinates and issuing target designation to optoelectronic means and electronic suppression complexes; PSIM CURATOR platform for integrated security management and data exchange in physical security systems; Senesys security monitoring and management platform, which makes it possible to create those systems that are designed for physical security systems.

Senesys-M platform integrates security and firefighting systems, video surveillance, video analytics, audio registration, engineering and special surveillance systems.

PSIM CURATOR provides optimization of the functioning of all systems depending on a variety of parameters, including energy efficiency and resource saving, reducing operating and ownership costs of infrastructure, improving the efficiency of business processes based on interaction with engineering and enterprise security systems.

The MineViewer Automated Positioning System for Personnel and Transportation is a hardware and software system for real-time monitoring and determination of personnel location at operating facilities, for access control and timekeeping, as well as for building a single multifunctional security system based on the Senesys-M platform.

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