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the largest company developing electric motors and electric generators, with synchronous electric machines with control and power electronics, wind turbines and low-power electric drives and micro HPPs at their roots. VDM equipment is assembled by trained and qualified specialists with many years of experience and work experience to perform production tasks.

For more than 20 years, LLC "VDM-Technika" has been supplying the Russian and international market with the results of its technological, research and development work for use in various industries. Owning its own research and development department, their development refers to a new stage of formation of mechanical and electronic systems created on the basis of research and development designs, working to reduce weight and size, the use of insulation and conductive materials.

The planned research program of the platform includes a project on production of power generators for wind power installations with maximum efficiency of wind energy application. To date, the implemented ideas contribute to the effective selection and transformation of the power of low potential wind flow. The small prototype wind turbine, based on innovative technologies, has successfully passed all the tests, demonstrating all its advantages in the segment of "small" winds. The installed capacity utilization factor is 16% in the area with an average annual wind speed of 2 m/s, while the cost of electricity is 2-3 times lower than that of competitors.

LLC "VDM-Technika" is a participant of the technological platform "Promising technologies of renewable energy".

VDM-Technika LLC is a member of the American Wind Energy Association (AMERICAN WIND ENERGY ASSOCIATION).

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