MARINECO LLC, a Russian company founded in 2012 to participate in the Skolkovo TIC PVPP project, is a subsidiary of Applied Technologies Company LLC.

Applied Technologies Company, LLC (CPT) is developing the concept of environmentally friendly energy industrial systems. CPT is developing a unique marine floating wave power plant as an effective means of converting sea wave energy to be used in different geographical areas and marine environment. ATC is also developing a technology to produce hydrogen using seawater electrolysis.

Energy security and availability are prerequisites for the continued well-being and development of modern society. As traditional oil and gas energy resources decline and environmental awareness increases, there is no doubt that future global energy needs will increasingly come from renewable and clean resources.

One of the most accessible and potentially powerful sources of renewable energy, wave energy from the world's seas and oceans, offers a very promising solution to our need for sustainable energy at low cost. Using even a small fraction of the total power of the oceans' waves can increase power generation by an amount comparable to the output of all the power plants operating on Earth. And such an increase in power generation will take place without disturbing the environment or polluting it.

Similarly, hydrogen is an environmentally friendly fuel with the highest specific heat capacity produced during combustion. Hydrogen is an economical and environmentally sustainable energy source that can replace any fossil fuel. Other procedures used to produce hydrogen include electrolysis, which is widely used. One of the most promising methods of hydrogen production is seawater electrolysis. Seawater is the most common, cleanest and most natural electrolyte with available resources, which makes up 97% of the world's water resources. It allows producing hydrogen by electrolysis of sea water, it is commercially attractive.