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The Research and Production Enterprise "Advanced Technologies Center" is engaged in creation of biosensors for analysis of substances.

Research and Production Enterprise "Advanced Technologies Center" is a company with thirty years of experience. It was registered back in September 1990 shortly after the adoption of the Law on Small Businesses. At that time, the company was developing microscopes and special software to manage these microscopes through the Network. The company's CEO is a doctor of physics and mathematics and a professor at Moscow State University. The main products of the Center for Advanced Technologies are probe microscopes, which can perform their measurements in air and in liquids.

Such microscopes can be fully controlled via the Internet, thus conducting remote scanning sessions. Another microscope is used to accurately measure topography and observe surface changes. With this microscope, as in the case above, samples can be examined in air and in liquids. The company has its own software with which data from these microscopes are processed and analysed. The software also allows several people to connect to one or more microscopes simultaneously via the Internet.

The Lomonosov Moscow State University has been one of the main partners of the Advanced Technologies Center since its foundation. Most of the company's employees are graduates of the aforementioned higher education institution, so there is no doubt in the competence of the state. In turn, the developments of the Advanced Technologies Center have long gone beyond the borders of their homeland and are used in higher education institutions of America, England, France, Japan, Italy, Germany and a number of other countries. The main goal of the company is to create accessible and reliable platforms for ultra-precise research.

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