Science and Technology Center

Science and Technology Center "MT"

Founded in 2009, STC-MT is engaged in research and development in the field of digital technologies for medicine.

The main project of the Science and Technology Center "MT" is the development of software that will be used for breast research. Digital technologies do not simply attract such careful attention of the company founded in 2009. The fact is that it is one of the fastest growing sections in radiation diagnostics. Thus, thanks to digital X-ray detectors can achieve higher quantum efficiency at registration. What does that do? First of all, it gives you a higher diagnostic quality. Secondly, it reduces the dose load on patients during tests. The company has at its disposal all the necessary equipment, including laboratory and computing.

The company is also generously encouraged by grants and receives government orders, among which ten projects have already been completed. It is worth noting that each of the center's developments has its own practical application. The company's specialists have developed and put into mass production a line of equipment. The services of the Scientific and Technical Center "MT" are used both in Russia and abroad. The MT team includes exclusively qualified specialists. These are engineers, programmers and physicists, among whom there are even candidates of science. Their hands have developed unique samples of equipment for radiology and other medical industries, some of which even went into mass production. The company adheres to world quality standards, which are controlled by special bodies.

At present, the company has at its disposal all necessary equipment for performing certain tasks. Among the implemented projects are digital wireless mobile X-ray detector and portable digital X-ray device, as well as X-ray image accelerator. The company has a number of patents, including foreign ones. Every year, unique developments appear in the Scientific and Technical Center of MT. In the first half of 2018 alone, two patents were received. It goes without saying that the company has all the necessary certificates and licenses to conduct development in the relevant fields. One of the partners is the Skolkovo Innovation Center.