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"IntellectDevice" is a Perm company, the main development of which is "smart tonometer" SmartBPM, reducing the risk of stroke.

Perm guys from "IntellectDevice" broke into the innovation center Skolkovo, majestic Russian analogue of Silicon Valley, with its main development - a smart tonometer called SmartBPM. The main purpose of the device is to prevent strokes. The person who will carry it with him, will be notified on the phone that he is at risk of stroke. How does it work?

The device monitors the blood circulation and also measures the pressure. Thanks to the obtained data on the patient's dynamics, the doctor can check the effectiveness of a particular treatment method. Also on the basis of this information, he can adjust the treatment, which has a direct impact on the risk of stroke. Except for the tonometer itself, the company offers a mobile application, a computer application and a cloud service that directly processes the data obtained with the device.

The cost of the device varies around seven and a half thousand rubles, and its main audience - people aged thirty-five to fifty-five years, as it is in this interval most often appear the first symptoms of heart disease. In addition to all of this, another undeniable advantage of such a device is that thanks to him a person does not need to undergo a number of not the cheapest tests and sit waiting for the results - the device, created by Perm specialists, many times simplifies (and cheapens) the collection of information.

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