OPTOSENSE (MIPEX) in 2000, and that's why it took a long time for the company founders and leading experts to provide the technology which is now the leading product line of MIPEX OPTOSENCE LLC.

By using all aspects of sensor production and using fat-free technology, the company has significantly reduced its time to market and has always maintained flexibility. At OPTOSENSE (MIPEX), innovation never ends and continuous improvement is invariably incorporated into corporate DNA.

More than 20 years ago, the MIPEX technical team developed technology for mid-infrared gas detection.

Today, OPTOSENSE is a leading manufacturer of infrared optical sensors (NDIR) for gas analysis equipment manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer, designed to ensure collective and personal safety. Sensor characteristics are obtained by using semiconductor polycrystalline nanoscale layers.

Strict quality control extends to all major stages of production, and management is fully confident in the highest quality of each device that leaves the carrier.

OPTOSENSE (MIPEX) products have gained a reputation for excellent reliability, measurement accuracy and durability, which is a direct result of thorough laboratory and field testing before any sensor is released to the market.

The company's goal is to make sensors virtually safe from all known types of environmental influences: stress, vibration, chemical poisoning, moisture and many other factors that are created in the harshest artificial and natural environments.